Baham Studio’s Work Sample: Kamex co

Kamex co

The automotive industry is one of the largest and most popular industries in the world and many large factories specializing in these kind of activities in this field offer their products all over the world.One of the most important things that determines how a car works is the car spare parts, and for this reason, many car factories also produce car spare parts so that they can be easily replaced when needed and the car can be used in the best way.Today, with technology advancement and the increasing tendency of people to buy online, car spare parts have not lagged behind this trend and have established their position in online markets, among which we can mention Komex Company as one of the strongest online car spare parts stores.In this regard, Baham Studio by taking the responsibility of the company’s advertising chart, including post and story illustration, video, motion story, text content, advertising and page security, human robot, consulting and planning has attempted to better introduce the company and help the growth of the market and the domestic economy.

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