Baham Studio’s Work Sample: Fajr International Film Festival

Fajr International Film Festival

The Fajr International Film Festival has been a part of the Fajr Film Festival in the past which started its activities independently from the national section in 2014, after thirty-two rounds.This festival is held in the sections of World Cup, Saadat Cinema, Festival of Festivals, Special Screenings and Eastern Manifestation.The 38th round of this festival was supposed to be held in June, 2020, but according to the announcement of Mohammad Mehdi Asgarpour, the secretary of the festival, this festival had to be postponed to June, 2021. Baham Studio was honored to be in charge of 10 days of complete filming of the event and also played its role in introducing this popular festival as much as possible by producing 30 promotional videos and 10 motion stories.

You can watch some of these products below.

please pay attention.videos will be adjusted according to the size of your phone, tablet and screen, be sure to click on the relevant icon so you can watch in full size.

بدون دیدگاه

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