Baham Studio’s Work Sample: Azar

Film Azar

“Azar” is an Iranian drama, family and social film which is directed by Mohammad Hamzei’i and produced in 2018.The film had previously been screened at the Vancouver International Film Festival and is one of the most glorious films in Iran by winning best film and best actress at the Iranian Film Festival, “Sheed” in Dallas, and Best Actress at the Toronto Iranian Film Festival, “CineIran” and its release in Dubai.We, in Baham Studio, have been honored by taking the serious task of promoting and introducing this film, including making motion stories, movie teasers, advertising gifs, and filming the ceremonies and editing.
Amir (Hamidreza Azarang) and Azar (Niki Karimi) sell Amir’s father’s house to start their business in a restaurant in partnership with Amir’s cousin Saber (Hooman Seyyedi). Everything is going well, but Saber will deny everything after a few days.

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