Baham Studio’s Work Sample: Asphyxia


Asphyxia, a feature film of Iranian cinema, directed by Fereydoun Jeirani, was made in 1996 in crime genre. Thanks to Arash Aghabeig and Masoud Salami that the film was the winner of Crystal Simorgh for best special effects at the 35th Fajr Film Festival, and also won the statuette of decency for best cinematography at the 20th Celebration House of Cinema, respectively. In Baham Studio, by having creative and capable young people in various fields, provide a variety of services to introduce better and more businesses, especially works of art, to you dear ones, and we would be honored to announce that making a motion story of this popular film directed by Mr. Jeirani, was a task entrusted to Baham Studio.
The film tells the story of Sahra Mashreghi (Elnaz Shakerdoust), a nurse in a psychiatric hospital, in black and white, and his acquaintance with a woman who appears to have gone insane and was brought to the hospital by her husband, Masoud (Navid Mohammadzadeh). Sahra Mashreghi gradually discovers strange facts about the couple’s life and inadvertently enters into some adventures.

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