Baham Studio’s Sample Work: Nicrum Co

Nicrum Co

We do it carefully to the end; this is the slogan of Nicrum Company specializing in producing, importing and exporting industrial products for kitchens, cafes or hospitals. Nicrum Company since 2004, has an illustrious career by the ability of Iranian engineers, transferring knowledge and technology from Italy and under the license of INOX Company and using the best and highest qualified machines and raw materials in order to equip and operate industrial kitchens, catering, hotel, hospital, cafes. We are pleased that in Baham Studio, we had the responsibility of designing, brainstorming, and producing the company’s promotional videos, as well as content creation related to Nicrum’s social networks. All our efforts have been based on the fact that, just like Nicrum’s slogan, we had to finish it carefully to the end

You can watch some of these products below

please pay attention.videos will be adjusted according to the size of your phone, tablet and screen, be sure to click on the relevant icon so you can watch in full size

بدون دیدگاه

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