Baham Studio’s Sample Work: Koodak Aparat

Koodak Aparat

Aparat is the biggest online video streaming system in Iran and the Middle East. For more than 3 years, Baham team has always had the responsibility to carry out Aparat’s advertising campaigns from Sabaideh. Of course, cooperation with Sabaideh is not limited to Aparat. It was an honor to be together in order to collaborate with Filimo and the Koodak Aparat as the sub-branch of Aparat
These three websites are the most reliable and popular domestic video broadcast systems. Baham team has carried out more than 30 advertising projects with Filimo and 100 projects with Koodak Aparat and there will be further cooperation

You can watch some of these products below

please pay attention.videos will be adjusted according to the size of your phone, tablet and screen, be sure to click on the relevant icon so you can watch in full size

بدون دیدگاه

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