Baham Studio’s sample work: Karnila Co

Karnila Co

Pistachio is one of the most valuable export products of Iran, which has a long history, so much so that the value of Iran’s pistachio exports reaches an average of $ 1.2 billion per year. Another popular Iranian product is raisin which is exported to 80 countries, including Iraq, Oman and UAE which are among the most prosperous export destinations of this Iranian product. Among the companies exporting these products, Karnila Company is one of the companies affiliated with Mihan Company, specializing to produce and export high quality raisins and pistachios to many Arab and European countries and has made a fruitful effort to increase Iran’s reputation in the world. Baham Studio is delighted to be responsible for the production of the company’s catalog as well as the introduction of these products in the best possible way.

You can watch some of these products below

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بدون دیدگاه

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