Baham Studio work sample: Yekpay International Company!

Yekpay International Company

Regarding the current situation and currency fluctuations, individuals’ actions involve only two modes: the first is to witness the decline of the value of currency and the second is to make our vocational actions beyond borders in a way to form a “win-win” game for our profession as well as our foreigner client. In this regard, Baham Studio works with the only company specializing in the foreign exchange transfers, which is called Yekpay. All the products related to Yekpay campaigns coverage, instructional videos on how to use the Website and dashboard, as well as the development of Yekpay marketing, are the tasks of Baham Studio for many years

Below, you can watch some of these products.

Please note that the videos will be adjusted according to the size of your phone, tablet and screen. So in order to have the full size of the video, be sure to click on the relevant icon so you can watch it in full size.

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