Competition on value, not price. Let’s get to know Baham better

The purpose of business consulting is to achieve some defined business goals and personal, economic and social growth. An appropriate consultant will make a business successful by carefully examining and analyzing the business, its strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats and possible events in the way of growth and development. In the next step, the suggestions and strategies announced by the consultant is run by the business owners, during which the consultant monitors the implementation of the program to ensure that it is done correctly and changes or modifies them when needed. One of the most important issues considered in Baham Studio while consulting is the different and alternative business prognostications for different situations and possible events; those that may change the whole process and conditions of the business and business plan that is underway such as a sudden change in economic condition or the Corona epidemic. In such a situation, the Studio utilizes different business plans to change the direction and conditions for greater profitability and success of the business. It is worth mentioning that what sets us apart is we do not change the contract and increase the cost until the end of its term because the most important goals of the Studio is business growth, high quality of services provided and a sense of satisfaction of the employer. Therefore, as everything is done in remote working, the empathy and support of this Group will be very different and with a sense of presence beyond the real presence of the consultants; the satisfaction of the Iranian customers and brands is a proof of this claim.