When we are not together

Let’s get to the starting point of the Baham Advertising Studio: Maybe when we enter a top university, we all dream of a good job after graduation and we do not even think for a moment that we put a burden on our society and country by this dream. However, a student’s real mission is something else. Someone who has the educational capital of a country for many years must believe in the sentence (create your own job) and think of job creation for others.

The starting point of Baham

The starting point for Baham Advertising Studio is to believe in the sentence (make your own work); When a Communication student at Allameh Tabatabai University wanted to take the burden off his community and create a space for work and entrepreneurship in his favorite field.

When we got together

At the same time, the managing director and the founder of Baham Studio, by finding empathetic and like-minded colleagues and companions, believed more in his heartfelt words and set out on this journey along with them.

Then it was the time to act, the colleagues stood together and did not leave each other alone in any difficulty and in the maze of vicissitudes, came to believe that:

Together we can

Introducing Baham Studio

Baham Advertising Studio has been working for four years as a new and creative advertising company in codified and continuous activities.

 The first experience of this advertising company in cinema started by working with directors such as:

Fereydoun Jeirani, Mohammad Hamzei’i, Tahmineh Milani and Oktay Baraheni and then we continued working with Aparat Kids Website in independent productions as well as with Filimo Website in film advertising and series such as: Monster, Recovery, and Mannequin. Continuing its cinematic activities, Baham Studio, as the host of the project, participated in a part of the advertisements of the 37th Fajr International Film Festival, and then had the responsibility for advertising theaters such as Memory Sealed Freshens directed by: Hamidreza Azarang, Summer of Forgetfulness directed by Bahareh Rahnama, the widow of the deceased author about the dangers of tobacco, directed by Meqdad Islami.

 In addition, Baham Advertising Studio, along with its activities in cinema and theater, entered the field of publication advertisements and started its work with famous publications such as Qoqnoos and Hirmand. During these collaborations, in addition to various creative advertisements, it launched and managed visited advertising campaigns, which made a significant contribution to the Country’s publishing field.

The cooperation of Baham Advertising Atudio with IRIB Varzesh, Islamic Republic of Iran News Network and IRIB Namayesh in interstitial program production, design, decor and programming have been some other activities of this Studio. It has been our pleasure to be with those who have humane and altruistic concerns and work with charities such as Ara Entrepreneurs Shemiran, Mita and Bavar.



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