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Baham Studio; the presenter, consultant and distributor of cultural and commercial advertisements

We are going to explain the meaning of Baham Studio in a nutshell. These lines are not definitions and advertisements. Baham which literally means staying together is the instant realization of the clients’ requirements. Under the current circumstances in our country and based on our experience gained in the last five years, we have dealt with all the challenges of remote-working teams, economic limitations, lack of creativity in cyberspace, the importance of consulting and a slow but effective progression. In addition, we devised strategies as if we ourselves were the ones who were going to order the advertisements. Our authenticity is verified by clients’ smile of satisfaction, many years of cooperation, people’s reaction and receiving orders from the greatest brands and eminent figures. Our main focus in Baham Studio constitutes three elements: Consultation, Execution and Distribution of advertisements so much so that no action has been taken without modern knowledge and coordination up to now in this journey. Meanwhile, at the very beginning, we want you to consider that we will never claim on your business growth over just one night and we will never make emotional and momentary decisions. You can see the general services of Baham Studio in the following boxes:

The general services of Baham Studio  

Production and distribution of promotional videos


Website design and management


Order motion graphics


Two-dimensional and three-dimensional illustration


Full management of virtual networks


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Free of charge consultation and analysis of your online business


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